Drop Scale was designed to work seamlessly with the Drop Recipes app. Reliable step-by-step recipes integrated with precise weighing creates perfect food every time. Watch Drop CEO Ben Harris demo the end to end solution below.


Resize Recipes

Don't have quite enough sugar left? No math required! Weigh what you have, and the app will adjust the recipe accordingly.

Weigh as You Go

The step-by-step Drop Recipes format allows you to save time by weighing one ingredient after another, directly into the bowl.

Get Perfect Results

Measuring cups are imprecise and clutter up your kitchen counter.  The accuracy of Drop Scale ensures results you're proud to share.


Learn more about Drop Scale and its capabilities:


Together, the Drop Recipes app and Drop Scale empower anyone to make and share amazing meals of all kinds. Choose from hundreds of recipes from trusted content partners, connect in an instant, and start creating.


Meet some of our partners...

Donal Skehan sitting down and smiling, holding a plate of food

Donal Skehan

International best-selling author with six of his own cookbooks and a massive online following. Born and raised in Ireland, Donal now lives in Los Angeles.

Jessica Entzel wearing a white chef coat

Jessica Entzel

Jessica is a celebrated pastry chef and three-time winner of Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen who has cooked for Jean-Georges, Wolfgang Puck, and Gordon Ramsay. 

Photo of Kamran Siddiqi in horn-rimmed glasses

Kamran Siddiqi

Kamran, our latest partner, is the food wunderkind behind the popular Sophisticated Gourmet website and the Hand Made Baking cookbook. Based in NYC. 

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  • The 21st century scale is already selling like hot cakes in the USA and Canada ...
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  • It simplifies even complicated recipes down to baby steps, no measuring required...

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