A world-class connected kitchen platform for brands



An interactive experience that your customers will love


A direct line of communication between you and your customers


Helpful data on customer behavior and product diagnostics


Superior IoT security for appliances and user data


The best appliance makers use Drop’s Kitchen OS to create an intuitive smart kitchen experience. 

Bosch appliances are designed and developed to be surprisingly simple solutions. We feel that the delightful experience that Drop has created is very much in that vein.
— Johannes Müller, Head of Global Brand Communication, Bosch Home Appliances

The Drop platform reimagines the kitchen by intuitively leading home cooks step by step through finding, making and sharing delicious food.
— Michael Brown, Merchandising Manager, Range & OTR, GE Appliances

This is a significant step forward in the connected kitchen space — setting a new bar for how well products should integrate with software.
— Mark Welch, CEO of Kenwood

We’re extremely excited to announce this new partnership with LG Electronics, a leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, soon allowing home chefs around the world to use the Drop Recipes app to get the most out of their LG appliances.
— Ben Harris, CEO of Drop

Drop is one of the most exciting and interactive kitchen innovations... Accompanied by its own app, the smart scale takes you step-by-step through hundreds of different recipes, covering everything from burgers to blueberry tarts.
— Tyler Lauletta, Business Insider