Introducing Kenwood kCook Multi Smart and the Kenwood World recipe app, a compelling WiFi-connected cooking experience powered by Drop. Watch the video to see it in action:


We’re excited to officially announce that we are partnering with Kenwood to put the power of creating fantastic food and drink at people’s fingertips. Kenwood’s products are familiar to millions, a real benchmark when it comes to innovation and design in the appliance world and the integration with our platform will bring a brilliant depth to users’ smart kitchen experience.
— Ben Harris, Drop CEO
This is a significant step forward in the connected kitchen space — setting a new bar for how well products should integrate with software. Drop has been a great partner and we’ve learnt a huge amount from each other in a short amount of time.
— Mark Welch, Kenwood CEO

The Kenwood kCook Multi Smart is an all-in-one countertop appliance that can chop, whisk, cook, steam, blend, slice and grate. Drop’s designers and engineers worked closely with their Kenwood counterparts to build a delightful connected experience for appliance owners, so it’s easy to use right out of the box. Included in the experience is the Kenwood Scale, which makes measuring ingredients simple by leveraging the same weighing technology invented for Drop Scale.

We’ve thought of everything, from clear onboarding for appliance setup, to precisely executing every action at the right time, to sending notifications when the cooking is done. The experience centers on the feature-rich Kenwood World recipe app: a slick and intuitive hub for the countertop appliance that does everything. 



Connected Recipes

Using a design-forward interface and our interactive recipe format, Drop’s team built the Kenwood World app to empower home cooks. It offers hundreds of chef-created recipes developed specifically for the kCook Multi Smart, including soups, stews, curries, sauces, dips, pastries and desserts. 


Remote Control

With the platform integration, there is no need for users to “program” a complicated machine themselves. The app creates a smooth connected kitchen experience by sending time, temperature, and speed settings directly to the kCook Multi Smart at exactly the right moment.


Monitoring and Alerts

With the Kenwood World app, users can monitor their meal’s progress from anywhere in the home. While the appliance cooks and stirs for them, home cooks can check on their food with a full-screen UI displaying the appliance settings, and receive notifications when cooking is done. 


Drop is delighted to launch our first product integration with Kenwood, an appliance partner who shares our most important goal: empowering people to make delicious food at home. Engineering, design, and content teams from both companies have laid the groundwork for a deep partnership, which means more Kenwood products added to the platform in the coming months. Here are some details of the partnership: 



Firmware Design

WiFi-connected products require very low-level control. Drop has designed a custom firmware platform for popular wireless chipsets, which features production line support and a secure backend events platform. Over-the-air firmware updates are easily implemented for critical security patches, bug fixes, and revisions or updates to functionality. 


App Design & Development

Available for iOS and Android, the Kenwood World app includes onboarding, recipe discovery and presentation, a full-screen appliance control center, user profiles and community features, error handling, and more. Our goal is to reduce friction for the consumer and create a delightful and intuitive experience in the kitchen. 


Advanced localization Solution

Our backend engineers have launched a unique localization solution to make the app available in more languages. Enabled by the granularity of our database, a server-side translation engine instantly creates localized recipe instructions based on the user’s device language. This feature is now live in French, with more languages in the pipeline.


Content Management & Analytics

Our internal admin tools and recipe editor allow the Kenwood content team to create and manage their asset-rich recipe content on our platform. Custom-built tools allow the Kenwood team to handle translations, substitutions, scalability, tagging, data expansion, community moderation, and more. App events and engagement can also be monitored.


Watch Drop CEO Ben Harris and Kenwood CEO Mark Welch discuss the partnership and how we are transforming the kitchen together.